I dreamed an Island

24 April 2024
Piers Faccini
Ponderosa Music Records
Producer: Piers Faccini

Among his fans, he can count Ben Harper and Jack Johnson. Multi-instrumentalist, polyglot, and painter, Piers Faccini’s songs contain all the emotions and the different musical influences that enriched him during his travels, his encounters, and when discovering new sounds.

Entirely produced by Piers Faccini himself, recorded in his studio in France (Fire Head Studios, Les Cevennes), and mixed by Francesco de Negris at the NGR Studio in Rome, I Dreamed An Island is the product of Piers’ personal research, a journey to an imaginary refuge from the intolerance ruling the world. Sung in English, French, Arabic, and Italian dialect. I Dreamed An Island is an exciting celebration of cultural differences and pluralisms, accompanied by sounds that make way for elaborate guitar riffs, bagpipes, and Tuareg rhythms that merge with Provencal atmospheres.


1. To Be the Sky
2. Drone
3. Bring Down The Wall
4. Cloak Of Blue
5. The Many Were More
6. Judith
7. Beloved
8. Anima
9. Comets
10. Oiseau

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